Visitors are Coming

Follow these steps to have a more well behaved dog for your summer gatherings:

  1. Exercise your dog within a couple hours prior to the arrival of your guests.
  2. Consider leashing your dog in the house and yard for more control but never leave your dog unattended on a leash.
  3. Have a food stuffed Kong dog toy in the freezer and ready to give to your dog when you need him occupied like when your guests sit down to eat. Be sure everyone (especially children) stays away from your dog when he is enjoying his Kong. Check back soon for our upcoming post on the best way to stuff a Kong.
  4. Have a quiet, safe place for your dog to rest when the excitement is getting to be too much for him.
  5. It’s easy to forget about Fido when we are occupied with our visitors. Be sure to stick to your dog’s bathroom schedule and pay attention to his signs to go out. The excitement and change in routine can cause a dog to eliminate more frequently.

There is much more that can be done to teach Fido how to be a welcomed guest at your social gatherings. Please contact us if you would like more help training your dog.