Puppy Training

Woman and Labrador puppy - Puppy Training

Congratulations on your new arrival!  We look forward to helping you reach your goals with your new puppy.  There are critical periods of learning and development with young puppies, so it’s important to start puppy training right away.  Puppies should not be separated from their mother and littermates before seven to eight weeks of age but are capable of training at six weeks of age.  So your puppy is ready to begin training as soon as they come home to you.


Pre-Puppy Training

Don’t have your puppy yet?  Getting a puppy is very exciting but it can also be very stressful for both you and your puppy.   We can alleviate much of that stress with a pre-puppy visit to ensure you are prepared for your puppy’s arrival.  A puppy training visit before you get your puppy will also help with your puppy’s transition from his mom and littermates to your home….  This can be a very difficult time for a young puppy but we can help make it as peaceful as possible.  We can also start addressing housebreaking to ensure you are off to a good start from day one.

The pre-puppy training visit with our trainer can be added to any of our puppy training programs or you could also do a phone consultation with our trainer.  The in-home visit is best so that we can see where your puppy will be staying and better help you plan for their arrival….but a phone consultation is still a good choice and will be filled with lots of great pre-puppy tips! 

In-Home Puppy Training vs Group Classes  Woman training Labrador puppy - Puppy Training

The main benefit of group classes for young puppies is the socializing which is extremely important.  However, it is also very important to make sure this is done safely since young puppies that are not fully vaccinated yet can be more susceptible to getting sick.  It is also crucial to make sure that all dogs you are exposing your puppy to are friendly….for your puppy’s safety of course, but also because just one bad experience can cause your puppy to be fearful around dogs or people.

Group classes are not the only option for socializing your puppy.  Our puppy training programs will teach you the best and safest ways to socialize your puppy…even if you choose to do only in-home training.  You could also enroll your puppy in both group classes and in-home training.

As far as the actual training goes, puppy training in your home is better than group classes because:

Puppies don’t usually display the same behaviors in a group class setting that they do at home …and many people struggle with taking what they learn in a group class and applying it at home.  Therefore, it is best to do training where the behaviors are actually happening…in your home, yard, etc. 

Most puppies are very distracted in a group class environment and sometimes nervous or scared, making it more difficult for them to learn.

If you desire, all family members can participate during our puppy training at your home…including young kids which can be very beneficial when you need help teaching your puppy not to nip your kids and for teaching kids the appropriate way to interact with your puppy.

There are periods of canine development so the most important things to do with young puppies are what we call puppy proactive exercises….to prevent problematic behaviors in the future like common forms of aggression, fear and anxiety.  Unfortunately, we have found that most group classes do not include this training.  You can add the benefits of our “Premier Puppy Program” to any of our in-home training programs.    


It was a great experience. We are enjoying our puppy a lot more since we are communicating so much better
Ron and Joanne L. from Itasca
We enjoyed Puppy Kindergarten and your gentle teachings and careful watchful eyes for our little Lucy. You are very "in tune" with every puppy's personality. Thank you.
Patty V. from Naperville
This was a great class to help us start out on the right foot with a new puppy. Not only did "Rocky" enjoy the class but we looked forward to it as well.
Mary F. from Elmhurst