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Dog Training SeminarsLittle boy and dog - Dog Training Seminars

We periodically offer dog training seminars on common topics such as house manners, canine anxiety, kids & dogs, baby preparation, behavior problems, and more.  Seminars are for people only; please do not bring your dogs to class.

Space is limited so advanced registration is required.  Please note that you must register each person attending and all minors must be accompanied by an adult.  Please do not bring young children that may be disruptive to class.


Doggie Dilemmas Seminar

This dog training seminar is packed with great information to help solve those canine concerns. In this class we will address how to be a good leader, canine health/exercise/nutrition, common communication mistakes people make with their dogs, and Dog chews couch - Dog Training Seminartips for potty training and eliminating those unwanted behaviors like playful nipping, destructive chewing, jumping, barking, begging, digging, fecal consumption, and attention seeking behaviors.

It does not matter how old your dog is…if you have these dilemmas, this class can help. After attending this dog training seminar you will have a better understanding of your dog’s behaviors and be able to communicate with him more effectively, therefore enriching the relationship between you and your canine friend.

We learned exactly what we wanted to know and found the whole experience to be very beneficial. 

Susan L. from Elmhurst

Lots of good tips, very user friendly. 

Wendy H. from Westmont

I have owned dogs for twenty years yet I have learned so much I never knew. 

Carrie B. from Glen Ellyn

Would you like us to do a dog training seminar at your facility?  We have many topics to choose from.  Our most popular seminar is our Doggie Dilemmas seminar (above).  Please contact us for more information.