Two large dogs learned to greet visitors calmly.

Michelle was great…communicated very well on the phone and I felt comfortable from our very first conversation. We have two large dogs (Paulie and Moose), and our main concern was how they greeted people (excited, jumping, barking). This can obviously scare adults and children so we wanted to find ways to alleviate this. The jumping, which I thought was aggression, could actually be attributed to overexcitement. Starting at the most basic point, we worked throughout the next four sessions on ways that we could familiarize the dogs with people at the door so that every time someone arrived it wasn’t a big ordeal to them. During the sessions, Michelle would demonstrate how the training was supposed to go, and then would have each of us practice so she could see our technique. This is invaluable as it is easy to be rewarding the wrong behavior without realizing it. At the end of each session she provided us with reading materials and scheduled the next visit. Very organized, very thorough. Michelle gives you every tool you need to be able to train your dog the right way. She loves dogs, and our dogs loved her. Can’t say enough positive things!

Liz S. from Bolingbrook, IL