Training with Dog Gone Good helps owners with their Jack Russell’s stubborn behavior and now everyone is happier, including their dog Bailey.

Dear Michele,

I can’t thank you enough for all of the help you gave us in training our beloved but stubborn Jack Russell, Bailey. I was skeptical about how much of a change we would be able to accomplish since she was already five years old, had an obstinate nature, and was allowed to rule us for so long. I was pleasantly surprised to find that you can in fact teach an old dog new tricks!

Rather than just teach us the proper commands to give Bailey, you also taught us how to read her behavior to better understand why she acted a certain way. We’re better equipped to provide direction to her now that we have some insight into how she thinks and reacts. I think she’s happier now, too. Our friends and dog sitter have all commented on what a different dog Bailey is after our in-home training sessions, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. I look forward to continuing her training by enrolling in your tricks class.

Rebecca, Scott and Bailey B. from Bloomingdale, IL