Training helps Lhasa overcome excessive barking at neighbors and friends

We have a wonderful Lhasa, named Cagney who had one little quirk, he didn’t like to have anyone in the house (company, etc.) except family. He would bark excessively, for hours when people were over, until you were at your wits end. It got to the point where we stopped inviting people over, because since Cagney is also epileptic we didn’t want to upset him. It even got so bad that if someone would come over he would work himself up so much he would have a seizure after they left. Our vet gave us valium for him, and although it slowed him down he still barked continuously when someone came over.

Michele came over on a Friday afternoon, stayed one hour, observed Cagney’s behavior and told me the problem was he wanted attention. We tried exactly what Michele told us to do. It has been about two months since Michele came over and Cagney is great–he likes company, I cannot tell you how wonderful this dog is with people now. Easter Sunday we had six people over for dinner-not only did he play, he went over laid down and went to sleep (something he would never do, with new people in the house). But the best part is we do not even have to give him medicine because he is so calm. One day last week when I brought him over to the neighbors house next door he was so good they didn’t want to give him back.

Thank you Michele–I can not tell you how much we appreciate what you’ve done to help us help Cagney. He is truly now a joy all the time.