You have helped us to have a much better behaved dog. Thank you so much!! We enjoy him so much more!

Michele is just WONDERFUL!!  We now have a very nicely trained one-year-old.  I recommend her to anyone looking for a first-rate training experience!

Results were quick and training practices are easy to follow.

I can now walk my dogs and enjoy the time. I have better control and it’s more fun to be with them.

Exactly what I was looking for. I enjoyed the class tremendously. Thanks for all that you taught us. Keep up the great work.

It was so cool. Very fun. Exceeded expectations! Really good stuff!

Can see a huge improvement with Lexi from the beginning.

Michele was wonderful. We use all of the techniques we learned and enjoy our dog more because of the lessons.

Excellent training that our dog will use each day. She loves the training and is well behaved. My wife and I loved the class.

I was very impressed 🙂 Thank you. Well worth everything!