Instructor teaching style was very upbeat and positive. Class exceeded my expectations. 

Excellent class. We learned a great deal in just the 6 classes. We will definitely sign up for additional classes. You really helped us understand how dogs think and understand. 

This is a great class! The content is just challenging enough & moves at the perfect pace. 

Gets better with every class. Will continue training with Michele. 

Everything you teach makes sense and Maisy has come a long way since her very first class. 

I thought this class helped a lot. What seemed like a hard command to teach really was easily learned and put into effect. 

Spacious, good core basics to build on, easy hands-on instruction, simple and concise, exceeded my expectations. Thank you! 

This class is so rewarding for both Oliver and myself. We learned wonderful tools to make Oliver a great pet. Thanks for the helpful class! 

The class was fun and Charlotte learned so many tricks. She is the entertainment at all of our family parties. We looked forward to class every week! 

Thank you for being so patient. Great class! Minnie is 4 and this was my first class with her. You did a great job teaching.