This program includes:

  • Multiple private lessons at your home with our trainer… totaling up to 8 hours of personalized coaching…no more having to travel to training classes!  
  • Up to 5 Training Cues:  We’ll use these cues to give your dog the manners that are the most important to you!  These can include things like sit, off, quiet, leave-it and drop it
  • Training Fundamentals:  Training for you, the owners, about how to communicate with your dog effectively so they listen to you (and not just listen to us!)
  • Online Membership: 90 days of access to our online resources including step by step training guides, videos,  and articles with helpful reminders to assist you with training in between our sessions together… and bonus articles to help you with your dog’s health, safety, and more!
  • You will also receive personalized training notes after each lesson to help with training your dog in between our sessions.
  • Contact Us to learn more about this program.