Rain, Storms, and Fireworks, Oh My!!!

Has your dog been acting up lately or seems anxious or even a little depressed? Is your dog afraid of storms or fireworks? Your dog is not alone. All of this rainy weather is affecting a lot of dogs’ moods and behavior. If this is your dog, don’t worry…there are ways to easily fix your dog’s seasonal behaviors.

So if your dog seems to be getting into more trouble lately, depressed, or anxious from the storms… Or maybe you are dreading the fourth of July because of your dog’s fear of fireworks….just keep reading for some easy solutions.

Did you know there is training that can be done to help dogs overcome their fear of storms? We have several ways of addressing this behavior. You could first try getting a storm CD or download and play it at a very low volume at which your dog is NOT nervous. After five minutes or so, turn it up very gradually. Turn it back down if your dog starts to act nervous and then play it at a lower volume for a while longer before trying to turn it back up again. Continue doing this until you can play the storm sounds at a loud volume without your dog being nervous.

You could also do the same approach if your dog is afraid of fireworks. You could probably find a fireworks video on You Tube or also a dog trainer named Terry Ryan sells firework downloads for this purpose.

This training approach is called desensitizing and for some dogs this is enough, but not for all. So if your dog needs more help getting over their fear of storms or fireworks, no worries, just contact us. We offer both phone consultations and in-home training for this behavior. But don’t wait…July 4th is quickly approaching!!!

If your dog has been acting up lately or seeming depressed…there’s a good chance it is from less exercise due to the rainy weather. It is very common to see these changes with our dogs’ behavior when they are not getting enough exercise. We can help with this too…

Did you know there are lots of ways to exercise your dog indoors and even in small spaces? We have ways to tire your dog out inside even if you live in an apartment or condo.  For lots more ways to exercise your dog indoors…check out our Fun Fit Fido training program.