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Food Dispensing Toys, Bowls, and Remote Trainer

WARNING:  Dogs that guard resources (food, toys, etc.) can become aggressive around these toys and could bite and cause serious harm to others.  If your dog is a resource guarder, please seek help from a humane and qualified trainer before giving any of the products below.   

Puzzles and Slow Feeding Bowls

Caution:  Puzzles are not chew toys!  You should always monitor your dogs with puzzles to ensure they are not chewing them.  

Remote Trainer

Busy Buddy Toys

  • Twist ‘n Treat – several sizes to choose from.  We love this one because you can adjust the size of the opening to fit a wide variety of food/treats and it comes apart for easy cleaning.
  • Waggle – several sizes to choose from
  • Tug a jug – great for dogs that like to tug.  This is not a chew toy and requires supervision.  Several sizes to choose from.

Kong Toys

  • Kong Wobbler – Not a chew toy so requires supervision.  Two sizes to choose from
  • Kong Classic Senior – for aging chewers.  Several sizes to choose from.
  • Puppy Kong Toys:  These are made with softer rubber for beginner chewers which is good for young puppies but should be replaced with red or black once your dog’s adult teeth are in or if they are chewing off pieces of the toys…whichever comes first.
    • Kong Puppy Tires – two sizes to choose from
    • Puppy Teething Stick – several sizes to choose from
    • Kong Puppy Paste – puppy stomachs can be sensitive and this paste is uniquely formulated for puppies which is why we like it.  However, once puppies get older and don’t have such a sensitive tummy, we prefer to stuff Kongs with real, healthy food that is safe for dogs such as all natural peanut butter (without Xylitol which is dangerous for dogs).  More on this in our Kong stuffing article and remember to always try new things in small amounts to make sure your dog is not allergic or sensitive to the food.

Bully Stick Holder

Not all dogs should have bully sticks but if you do give your dog these sticks, it’s best to get made in USA and consider using one of the holders below to reduce the chance of your dog choking on the stick.  Please note that there are mixed reviews on these as to whether it holds the stick…it probably depends on the size of the stick and the strength of the dog.  

Himalayan/Yak Bones

Books and Kindles

Dog Training Treat Pouches

This is our favorite treat pouch and we prefer the regular size.  Please note that the mini version is typically good for children or those with small fingers.  Three colors to choose from  Pet Safe Treat Pouch Sport
This is a small pouch but nice if you would like to put fresh food treats such as cooked chicken directly into the pouch as it is easy to clean.  Many colors to choose from AudWud Silicone Treat Pouch

Dog Training Treats

Caution:  Please remember to always introduce new treats to your dog one at a time and in small amounts to make sure your dog is not allergic and that they don’t upset your dog’s stomach.

Freeze Dried Dog Treats

Steward Freeze Dried Treats -many flavors and sizes to choose from

The Real Meat Company Dog Treats:

Air Dried Dog Food (great as treats!)

This food is very different than traditional kibble and because of it’s high quality, it can sometimes be too costly to only feed air dried food to our dogs.  However, it is also great to use for training treats and because it is completely balanced food…you can count it towards your dog’s daily food intake.  This helps to avoid over treating and excess weight gain.

Ziwi Peak

The Real Meat Company

Wellness WellBites

Charlee Bears

Becker Bites

These are very high quality treats and we love them especially for small and miniature breeds because they are thin and easy to break into tiny pieces.  However, these are higher in price than most treats so please be aware of cost per ounce before ordering.   

Collars and Harnesses

Please listen to our “Collar and Harness Choices Audio” to help decide which one is best for your dog.

Screw Locking Carabiner Clips (as mentioned in our audio)

Warning:  Please make sure the carabiner is strong enough to hold the weight of your dog’s pull, especially if you will be attaching the leash to it.  Please also consider the size of your dog’s collar/harness ring when selecting carabiners.  You may need to look for other options depending on how small the size of the ring is on your dog’s collar/harness.

  • Medium to large dogs:
  • Small dogs:
    • Please note the carabiners above may be too large for small dogs.  If you have a small dog, please measure the area from the harness to the collar (as described in audio) on your dog’s chest in comparison to the size of the carabiner before ordering above.   
    • The above carabiners give weight capacity.  We found a smaller one but it does not specify weight capacity listed;  however, the picture says suitable for dogs less than 10kg.  So please do not use this carabiner if your dog is over 20 pounds, and to be safe…we recommend attaching the leash to the leash ring of the harness instead of the carabiner.   Zalava Locking Carabiners – for dogs under 20 pounds

Easy Walk Harnesses (reduce pulling)

Caution:  Please listen to our audio for important safety tips before using this harness.  There are quick reference points listed for the audios to help you find it quickly.

PetSafe 3 in 1 Harness – reduces pulling and also includes car control strap

Gentle Leader Head Collars

Important:  Before purchasing a head collar, please listen to our “Collar and Harness Choices Audio” to determine if this is the right choice for your dog.  Before using the collar, please also read our article Getting Started with a Gentle Leader Head Collar

Training Equipment & Supplies

Acclimating Puppy to New Home

  • The Snuggle Puppy has a high success rate to helping pups acclimate to their new home and/or crate.  However, do not leave your dog unattended with this toy if they are old enough (and jaws strong enough) to tear through the toy as it has a heating pack and battery operated insert that could be harmful to your pup. 

Potty Training Bells for Door


Enzymatic Stain and Odor Remover

Dogs have extremely strong noses so it’s very important to make sure you get all scent up after your dog toilets in the house.  You will need an effective enzymatic cleaner designed to remove pet odor.  A popular brand is Nature’s Miracle.  Follow the directions on the bottle and always do a test spot first to ensure it will not damage the fabric, etc.  Please read our “Clean Up” section in our house training guide for additional instructions.

Bitter deterrents

Pet Cams

We have not used all of these cameras but chose some of the best rated.  Furbo is one of the most well known pet cams but there are also lower cost options below.

Basket Muzzles

Baskerville Muzzles – Several sizes to choose from.  Please check with us before starting a muzzle with your dog so we can help you introduce your dog to it gradually.  

Health, Grooming and Safety

Emergency Pet Alerts and First Aid

  • Put window decals on all sides of your house letting firefighters know that you have pets inside.  
  • Keep a “Save My Pet” card in your wallet in case you are injured and unable to communicate with emergency professionals…alerting them that you have pets home alone waiting for you. 
  • Keep a pet first aid kit at your home and when traveling with your pet.
  • What would happen to your dog if something happened to you? What About The Dog? Everything You Need to Know About My Dog’s Care (In Case I’m Not Around to Ask!) is a journal which acts as your dog’s “instruction manual” so now you can rest assured that your dog will be properly cared for if ever in your absence.  Also available for cats!

Paw Care

Musher’s Secret paw wax help protects your dog’s paws from hot pavement, snow & salt, etc.

Grooming Lick Mats, Bowls, etc.

Caution:  These are not chew toys and dogs should not be left unattended with them.  

Dental Care

Caution:  To help avoid being bit, please make sure your dog is accepting of their mouth being handled before attempting to brush their teeth.  It is best to introduce this gradually through a proper desensitizing program which we can help with when your dog is enrolled in our training programs. 

Calming Aids 

Not every calming aid will work for every dog.  Please read our calming aids article to help decide which options are best for your dog and for important safety tips.  Always check with your dog’s veterinary before using calming aids, especially any oral or topical aids.  

Dog Appeasing Pheromone

Thunder Shirt Pressure Wraps 

Many sizes to choose from in links below:

Essential Oils

WARNING:  Some essential oils are harmful to pets.  Please do NOT use any essential oils around your pets before reading our article with important safety tips.

Acclimating Puppy to New Home

  • The Snuggle Puppy has a high success rate to helping pups acclimate to their new home and/or crate.  However, do not leave your dog unattended with this toy if they are old enough (and jaws strong enough) to tear through the toy as it has a heating pack and battery operated insert that could be harmful to your pup.