Julie gets lots of comments on how well-trained her dog is…

We have had so much positive feedback from friends and family and even complete strangers on how well-trained and sweet our adult dog is that we had to pass it on. We have tremendous faith in Michele’s understanding of dog behavior and in her dog-training abilities.

We have enrolled our 3 year old Norwegian Elkhound in her classes since he was a puppy. He is very well-trained (and now, so are we!) He just loves going to her classes! We even started repeating some of her classes, because our dog loved them so much! The dog tricks class was his favorite! He knows how to do a bow, how to play dead and how to do a high five with his paws to name a few.

Michele is even available for in-home training. She is very knowledgable about her subject and has had extensive training. She is very patient, and she always tries to make her classes fun for the dogs and their handlers.

Julie D. from Hoffman Estates, IL