HOWLoween Safety Tips

Dog inside pumpkin - Dog Halloween Safety TipsBy Michele L. Meyer

Keep all candy in a safe place away from your dog. Chocolate can be poisonous and even deadly and many types of candy can cause choking. Tin foil, plastic, etc. can also cause serious problems if swallowed.

Think twice before displaying lit pumpkins, or at least be careful where they are placed so your dogs do not tip them over or get too close and get burned.

The ongoing arrival of strangers in costumes can make dogs very nervous and fearful. Therefore, it’s best to keep them safely confined to an area of the house away from the door during trick or treat hours. Fido should also wear his ID tags just in case he gets out the door. If you are worried about your dog dashing out the door, please contact us so we can help!

Most dogs do not like to dress up. If you do dress up your pet, do not leave your pet unattended and make sure the costume doesn’t inhibit movement, vision, hearing, breathing, or barking. Choose safe costumes without small pieces that can be chewed off and choked on. If your dog will be around other dogs when in costume, it’s best to choose a costume that does not conceal his body language. Since dogs communicate with each other this way, hiding their body language can contribute to dog fights.

Keep your pets indoors on Halloween or under your constant supervision when outside. According to the ASPCA, pets have been teased, injured, stolen and even killed by vicious pranksters on this night. It’s advisable to keep cats in the house for several days before and after Halloween. Black cats are particularly vulnerable to pranks.

We wish everyone a safe and happy HOWLoween!!!