Harlee is now the ideal house dog, a pleasure to go on walks with, and knows a wide range of useful commands.

Jared and his dog met with Dog Gone Good’s trainer in-person for a couple training sessions outside and also several private in-home Zoom sessions.  Here is his review…   

Obedience training while in our current COVID world is a challenge.  When I reached out to Michele at Dog Gone Good Training and she described how she could accomplish all the classes via ZOOM sessions.. I was pretty incredulous.. after all, dog training is hands on… I was willing to give it a chance.  Michele made me a believer, not only was doing the sessions via ZOOM functional, but it fit in so well with our schedule!  We rescued a 4 year old retriever mix who knew some basic commands, however he needed a lot of work.  After our sessions with Michele he is the ideal house dog!  He’s a pleasure to go on walks with, knows a wide range of useful commands and is an observably happier dog… this really was Dog Gone Good Training!

Jared N. from Naperville, IL