Check Payments

Please note that payment by check could delay the start of your training because all check payments (including electronic checks) must clear before training begins.  Therefore, please do not pay by check unless sending more than two weeks before your first session.  Please let us know if you mail a payment so we can watch …

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Credit Card Payments

Please note that you do NOT need a PayPal account to pay with a credit card.  Once you reach the PayPal page during checkout, there will be an option to pay without creating a PayPal account.

Balances Due By

Unless required prior to scheduling, all registrations and payments/deposits are due within 24 hours of booking your session to keep your scheduled start date.  All deposits are non-refundable because we reserve space in our schedule for you for your entire program to ensure we are able to meet regularly.  When paying the deposit at time …

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Please don’t forget to enter any promo codes at checkout to receive the discount. Discounts can only be applied at time of checkout.