Duke now comes back when told even when off his leash outside!

Hi Michele,

I thought I would just let you know how much I appreciated Duke’s obedience just recently.

We were headed out the door for a trip when Duke took the opportunity to get out of the not completely closed front screen door. He dashed across the street and into the yard, ready for exploration. I sensed he knew we were going away without him as well.

Anyhow, I put the last bag in the car, crossed the street and called “front” and yes he did, came right to me, no hesitation. Back to the house and a good treat.

In the past I could have been chasing him for a half-mile and not happy when I finally caught him. Now this was a win-win all around. Thanks.

He also put on a show when our daughter had a sleepover with 8 of her girlfriends.
They all enjoyed watching his tricks. Just thought you’d like to know how Duke’s classes have really paid off for our everyday life.


Kathy from Evergreen Park, IL