Did you know that dogs learn by observing our behavior? That means dogs can learn to dig by watching us dig. So it’s best not to garden when your dog is around. That is, unless you want him to dig up all of your flowers and vegetables

There are several reasons why dogs did but one of the most common is boredom. So if your dog is a digger, be sure to exercise him before leaving him in your yard unattended so he does not release all of his built up energy by digging up your yard. It can also help to have dog toys in the yard but you may need to choose large toys that your dog can’t bury if he likes to bury his toys. Another fun solution is to give Fido a digging pit of his own such as a baby pool filled with sand. Hide his favorite toys in the sandbox so Fido learns it’s more fun to dig there. This may quickly solve the digging problem but if you catch Fido digging in your yard still, quickly correct him by telling him “NO” sternly. Then redirect him to his digging pit and give him lots of praise when he digs there. Be sure to praise him whenever he is digging in his sandbox and not just after you had to redirect him.

There are many more reasons and training solutions for digging. Please let us know if you need help solving your dog’s digging problems.

Is Your Dog Ready for Warm Weather?

Nicer temperatures bring more open doors. Start now and teach your dog not to dash out open doors and gates. All dogs should be trained to sit and stay at doors and not walk through until invited. This means with every person, every time, and all doors including car doors. It is also important to train your dog to come on command reliably just in case he does get out of his home or yard unexpectedly. Please contact us soon if you need help with these exercises. Training your dog in these areas can save his life!!!