Cockapoo learns not to behave aggressively on walks and with visitors.

Michele is amazing. This was a very positive and worthwhile experience for all of us! It was clear from the first phone call that she is a true professional. After the first session, we had a much calmer dog and a happier home, we are now able to walk our dog without incident and we have the tools we need to distract and re-direct her when the doorbell rings; We have contractors working on the house today, and our dog is sitting quietly by my side. We now know how to prevent her fear-based aggression on walks and how to distract our dog when someone is at the door; I have to mention that Michele was very patient with the humans in the house, too. We really appreciated her thoughtful feedback on our approaches (which weren’t working), and her clear, step-by-step approach to behavior modification. Dog training is actually human training first, and Michele is a pro at both. We are so pleased with this experience, and highly recommend Michele Meyer and Dog Gone Good Dog Training.

Monica V. from Lisle, IL