After having a bad experience with another trainer, Emily knew Dog Gone Good was the best choice for her fearful dogs.
Winn and Zoey

Michele was exactly the type of trainer that I was searching for for my two rescue dogs with fear and anxiety issues. After having a previous negative experience with another company’s trainers who were very harsh and rushed/focused only on quick results I was very nervous myself about finding a trainer that I could trust for my dogs. I am very protective of my dogs because they come from tough backgrounds and didn’t know if I would find someone that I would feel comfortable with. Just speaking on the phone initially with Michele I knew that she shared my viewpoint on training and would do everything with my dogs’ best interest in mind; that she would work to get to the root of their fear and work to build their confidence, instead of just teaching them that they couldn’t bark or show their fear. With any effective dog training, it takes time and practice every day to see results. I really truly trust Michele’s techniques and feel like she has taught me a lot about training as well as my dogs. My dogs are much better off with the help of Michele and her in-home training program and I am excited to see how much they continue to improve as I put to use all that Michele has taught me.   

Emily M. from Oak Lawn, IL