Meet Poochie

After seeing how fragile her beloved Siberian Husky became in her senior years, Dog Gone Good’s owner and trainer, Michele, felt a pull in her heart to rescue senior dogs from shelters and foster them while searching for their forever homes.  That’s when Poochie first came to live with Michele as a foster dog at eleven years of age.  

Poochie was dropped off at a high kill shelter when her former owner went into hospice.  Poochie had never had any training prior to living with Michele and there were signs that she was mistreated in her previous home.  Poochie lived with Michele for several months while undergoing medical treatment, training, and trust building.  During that time, Poochie secured her place in Michele’s heart and  it soon became obvious that Poochie had already found her new forever home with Michele!

Who says you can’t teach and old dog new tricks?  

Check out Poochie’s Dog Tricks Video to see some of the tricks she learned with Michele. 

Cute Chihuahua - Dog Tricks