Dog Training and Puppy Training in Orland Park, IL

Would you like to take an enjoyable and peaceful walk with your dog?

Puppy Training and Dog Training in Tinley Park, IL

Would you like your dog to listen the first time you tell him to do something?

Dog Training and Puppy Training in Oak Forest, IL

Would you like your dog to be well-mannered around visitors and in public places?

Positive Reinforcement In-Home Dog Training and Puppy Training


All of this is possible and so much more with our training programs!  Imagine no more embarrassment from your dog’s excessive barking or jumping on people…
…and no more chasing him around the house or yard when he’s not listening!  Just imagine your dog walking quietly at your side even when other people and dogs pass by!
Your dog can be polite, calm, happy, and content, understanding what is expected of him in your family and in your home.  He can be proud of himself because he now understands what you want him to do and loves to please you


You do not have to imagine any longer.  We can help make this your reality…
… Contact us and tell us all about your dog.  We look forward to hearing from you!


Persia was 12 years old when this video was taken.  If we can train an old dog to do all of these tricks, just imagine what we can teach your dog like no more barking, jumping, or pulling on the leash…

…Dogs love our training programs so they become eager to learn and then we can train them quickly!  But don’t worry, we will also teach you how to communicate effectively with your dog so he will listen to you too and not just us!

Orland Park, IL Dog Training
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Certified dog trainer offers Positive Reinforcement In-Home Dog Training and Group Obedience Classes in Tinley Park, Illinois

Dog Gone Good’s business owner and trainer, Michele, has been training dogs for over 15 years!  Michele comments on customer service:

I love being a small business owner…at this time, I can best meet my high standard for customer service by staying a small business and not letting go of the personal touch that has been a big part of Dog Gone Good’s success…

…I’m not just in the business for the animals but also for my love and compassion for people.”   Read more about Michele