Do you want a well behaved dog for the holidays?

Imagine no more embarrassment or apologizing for your dog’s behavior when visitors are over. And you do not have to confine him to another room or crate either. With our training programs, your dog can learn how to be well mannered with company.

Dogs are social beings and want to be part of the activities. After completing our training program, your dog can be a welcomed member of your holiday festivities…

…So you don’t have to feel guilty about confining your dog or worry about how he will behave around your visitors. Let us help you train your dog so that you can have a stress free holiday season.


For example, would you like to teach your dog the amazing “place” command? Your dog would happily go to his designated spot like a dog bed, rug, etc. and stay there while your visitors come inside and get settled…

…Or you can have your dog go to “place” and stay there when people are sitting down to eat. Just imagine all the amazing ways the “place” command would make life easier and less stressful.

But there’s not much time left. The holidays are approaching quickly!

We have three awesome in-home dog training programs to choose from: Polite Pooch, Impressive Pooch, or Fantastic Fido! Contact us so we can learn more about your dog and how we can help.  Get started today and have a well behaved dog for the holidays!